Raining at long last


It seems that one moment we were enjoying a typical “Indian Summer” and suddenly we have been plunged into the middle of winter! Thankfully the much needed rain, and snow in the Sierra’s held off while our back and side yards were freshly landscaped. It all looks lovely and I am sure by Spring will be well and truly settled.

My husband, the “have you blogged” kind of guy found a nice website for me to look at this morning. It is called www.yarnmagazine.com.au and is being launched by an American living in Adelaide which is a coincidence, as I am an Australian from Adelaide living in America! The site does look interesting and as soon as I have completed two knitting projects which have to be done I will certainly spend some more time going over the articles.

The one thing that continues to bother me and most of the experienced knitters that I talk to each and every day is that more and more of the knitting magazines, both new and long standing are catering for the new knitters. What this means is that we are not happy with the garments, which seem to show more and more of the body, so we will probably cancel our subscriptions and go back to using old magazines with beautiful classic designs. While it is great to encourage the new knitters to go beyond the fru fru scarves and felted bags the designers have to remember that the core of their support has come from the addicted knitters with years of experience who love classic designs with some challenges to the instructions. I for one will use old Alice Starmore books, early Rowan and Jaeger books, and even older Jo Sharpe and Debbie Bliss books for my next projects. I also have lots of books and magazines that I brought with me from Australia and most of the sweaters I knit for my husband come from those treasures.

Well I have chores to run and then I am off to work this afternoon at the yarn store.

Have a great day