Oasis cotton sweater

Good evening,

I have got two projects ready for sleeves. Tomorrow I will get help from Alice in measuring the length I need to knit, and of course they will be shorter than the patterns measure!

Several months ago I started a sweater for my husband Alan, using a discontinued yarn by Annabel Fox called Oasis cotton. It knits at 22 stitches to 4 inches, which is one of my favourite yarn weights and so I bought enough to make two sweaters of course. I have the back and two sleeves knitted and started the front on Sunday morning so will look forward to making some progress on that project. Fortunately I do not have to alter the sleeve length on any sweaters for Alan as he is 6ft in height and I think patterns are designed for taller people all the time.

I have one other project completed that I had forgotten about. Recently I had purchased some Noro Iro in a sale, which was a discontinued colour, not a discontinued yarn line. A coat had caught my eye in a Noro book and I decided as it was a quick knit I would get it on the needles in between everything else I had to knit. Well the coat complete with hood is a joy to wear and only took about three weeks to knit. So that was a totally unexpected project.