Did someone hear me

I just looked through the new Interweave Knits magazine and I was so pleased. There are several projects in this copy that I am very keen to knit. Finally one of the knitting magazines have included garments for normal shaped and sized bodies and that real people might like to knit and enjoy wearing. My mother also called me from Adelaide in South Australia to tell me that she has found a copy of the new Australian knitting magazine and she has mailed that for me to look at. She said very few shops had more than 6 copies so perhaps that is so they can see how much demand there is for a new knitting magazine.

This past couple of weeks I have felt like knitter with ADD as I can not concentrate on one project. I have a seaman’s scarf on one set of needles, a shawl on another, as well as a blanket for my two Maine Coon kittens. Then in more bags on needles I have an Alice Starmore sweater for myself, a Rowan cardigan and also a Noro jacket both for me, then there is a lone bag of yarn and needles with a half knitted sweater for Alan crying out to be completed. And I have a vintage bubble bag almost ready to felt and a Fibre Trends hat again just waiting to be felted. And in a moment of excitement I started a Plymouth Sinsation scarf as a gift for a friend and that is waiting to be completed as well. So I think I shall line the bags up and complete each one in order, before I start the Hanne Falkenberg Butterfly kit that has just arrived for me at Filati….

Have a nice evening Sally