Knitting group lunch

My Sunday knitting group was down to just three of us today. It was Super Bowl so a few were home with their families watching either the game or the advertisements. We had our usual ‘senior’ lunch and then went to the book store to have coffee, browse magazines, chat and of course knit.

I bought the new winter Vogue Knitting magazine which I thought was long overdue. While there were some very odd designs scattered throughout, on the whole, I felt that there was enough good content and patterns to purchase the magazine.

The Wendy cotton sweater came with me to so that I could get some more of the front piece knitted. Everyone liked the pattern and all commented on how much softer the cotton felt knitted up than in the little ball that is packaged in at the moment.

Dianne arrived quite late after a busy day yesterday and a late breakfast this morning she decided coffee and a later lunch was the order of the day.

This evening I have been knitting the Pymouth cardigan and am making very good progress with the left front piece. I do hope that by the middle of the week I will have that front done and can then begin the right front at the knitting group on Thursday.

Happy Knitting
Sally in Folsom

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