What a nice day

I love Saturdays as they are so relaxing.

Of course there was time for knitting this morning. I made some progress on another UFO which had been in progress for about twelve months. This is a cotton sweater for me and I am using Elsebeth Lavold’s cable cotton in a pretty blue. I believe the shade is 04 and it has been discontinued. The pattern I am using is a very old Wendy Aran #4205 and it has a long and short version. The sweater is very heavily cabled and on size US7 needles.

I had completed the back ages ago, but just could not be bothered to knit it any more. Anyway I started on the front last night and so far it is looking as nice as the back piece. The only change I think I am going to make is to do short rows on the shoulders and then if that works out I will do a three needle bind off which makes a nice seam.

The other little chore we had to do today besides do some work. Was to spend time in the back yard pruning some of the roses. We have about fifty rose bushes spread throught both the back and front yards so it does take a little time to prune them all. We will try and complete all of them by next weekend and then wait for the spring time and all the new leaves and roses. In April 2007 our gardens were in the Folsom Garden Show so I do feel as though I have an honour to preserve each year.

Well we have had dinner so it is time to sit and knit for a little. By the way the afghan is being well loved already…

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