Lambtown 2009

I just had the most amazing day at Lambtown 2009 in Dixon California. They had moved the day from July to the first Saturday in October and what a good idea that was. The weather was cool in the early morning but warmed up to a pleasant temperature for all the visitors and of course the animals too. Actually in Madden Hall it was rather cool with the air conditioning on freezing I think for part of the morning. While the time of year was wonderful the organisers will have to remember to have hot beverages available from vendors if this is the permanent weekend. Shaved ice, beer and smoothies were not appetitising at 8am on an October morning. Perhaps a vendor with coffee and muffins could be invited next year.

Wild Fibers Magazine had a booth there for the first time, and so many people stopped by the booth and thanked us for having the magazine available for sale or to sign up for a subscription. It was a pleasure to introduce the magazine to new subscribers who had never seen the magazine before. And also to talk about the contents to many visitors who while not crafts people were interested to learn about all the natural fibers around the world that we must continue to use and support.

My friend Kathie stopped by the booth with a gift for me of a beginning instruction manual, roving and a drop spindle determined to teach me to spin. And low and behold I had a great conversation with a spinning teacher who lives very close to me in El Dorado Hills and she gives private lessons on her own spinning wheels. Now I am even more tempted to learn as I really have no excuses now.

It was quite a long day leaving home at about 7.15am and we got home around 9pm. But so great to meet such wonderful people so very enjoyable.

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