Alan’s vest is almost done

What with one thing and another I have not done much knitting this week let alone find the time to do an entry on my blog.

It was such a nice morning, especially at 7am when the temperature was about 65 F that I took Alan’s vest into the garden with a cup of tea for some rest and relaxation.

I completed the v neck shaping and again I decided to do the shaping two stitches in from the edge. I had done this on the back armhole shaping and it does look nice. I have just done the three needle bind off for the shoulders. This method  always gives such a nice finish and I did take care when binding off using a needle one size larger to prevent the bind off being too tight.

We have a number of things planned for the rest of the day including a Gourd Festival and a surprise 16th birthday party so the vest will go away til later. All I have left to do is pick to pick up the stitches around both the neck and the armholes. With luck it will get done before the weekend is over.

The forecast for the weekend here in Folsom and the surrounding area is about 100F BUT we could have a high as low as 74F by Wednesday of the coming week. Perhaps Fall is finally in the air in California!

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