The middle of May already

With so many problems with our internet connection I was off the air for longer than I had anticipated.

Had a super weekend in Maryland at my first ever Maryland Sheep and Wool Show. Even the very wet weather could not dampen my enthusiasm about being at one of the best fibers shows in the country. I worked at the Wild Fibers Magazine booth with Linda and Penelope and we were so busy meeting readers of the magazine, meeting people who had never heard of the magazine and also making progress on our longest scarf competition. I was very restrained and came home with just two skeins of sock yarn from Green Mountain Spinnery which I am completely thrilled with.

Spent an angry evening working on a pattern by Elsebeth Lavold last night. The pattern appeared to be one of only a small amount that did not have an error in it….. That was until I got to the shaping for the back of the neck, and I think the less said the better it would be. I did work the mistake out and completed the back before going to bed. This morning I began the sleeves and while the instructions are dreadful and very vague I think what is printed is correct.

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