Shoalwater Shawl

It has been a little while since I updated this blog.

On Saturday April 11th it was our Lace guild meeting with Lew at Rocklin. Not many turned up this week probably because it was the Easter weekend and I am sure people spend the time with family and friends. I had nothing on needles that I could take and comfortably knit and chat with so I had to do a quick search around the house for a project.

Friday evening I started the Fiber Trend Pattern called Shoalwater Shawl with some Shetland fingering weight yarn in variegated  colours of  pinks, cream and beige. The pattern is basically feather and fan and is very easy to follow.

Like most lace patterns once I start them they are so addictive that I have to do another pattern repeat as quickly as possible. I have almost completed my second repeat and it is looking lovely. Not sure if I will keep this shawl for myself or if I will gift it to a friend in Germany who I heard today has lost her mother to cancer.

It is the Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild meeting this evening so I will try and get the photos of the entrelac class on line late this week.

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