Cleckheaton Mousse

Earlier this week I received a package from my parents in Adelaide. It included my favourite English Women’s Weekly magazine, always a delight to read, especially when there is a nice knitting pattern between its pages.

This time the package contained a treasure. Mum had found an old knitting book called Mousse. The book is by a yarn company called Cleckheaton and the yarn that all the patterns are designed for is called Mousse. Almost every pattern is a “must knit!”

I searched online for the yarn but could only find a couple of mentions of the actual book for sale on the internet. I emailed two yarn stores in Australia for information about the yarn but no one emailed me back with an answer. I finally emailed Cleckheaton on Friday, but by then it was the weekend in Australia. I wanted to find out the yardage and gauge that the yarn had been designed for. And of course whether Cleckheaton had a new product that had replaced the old Mousse.

Finally I turned to Ravelry the knitting and crochet website. I had been invited to join a group in South Australia earlier in the week so I posted a request for discontinued yarn on that page.
When I checked Ravelry the following morning, Eureka! someone had found three balls of the yarn in their stash. The yarn has about 94 metres on each ball and knits on a 3.75mm needle with a guage of 23.5stitches to 4 inches.

So now I can go shopping in my stash and see what treasures of yarn I own that can be used to make some of these simply gorgeous ageless designs.

If you have used Mousse, let me know what you made. If you have the book but not the yarn, I’ll post here when I find another yarn that can be used instead.

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