Thursday knitting group

Oh what a lovely morning we had on Thursday. We met at Toni’s house and I finally got to see the “yarn room” that takes up the entire space upstairs. What a gorgeous room and I realised immediately how perfect it would be to have a yarn store right there!!

We had our usual morning tea and coffee while we all chatted about the books we had read that week. It is amazing how many books and authors we all have a common interest in.

Last week we had discussed the possibility of doing a basket as a donation for a silent auction later in the year for a charity here in Folsom. It was decided that Toni would donate some knitting classes and a collection of yarn and needles for one “prize”. They had also talked about making a blanket/throw to also be donated or entered into the auction. Yesterday I took about twenty balls of wool ease that I had in my stash, and an afghan sampler knitting book. My suggestion was that instead of knitting just plain squares or even washcloths that we use this book as the blocks are about 12 inches and we would need to knit 20 to make a reasonable sized afghan. Everyone agreed on that idea. So in the next week or two we shall make some swatches so that Toni and I can check everyone’s guage and then we can all choose which pattern each person wants to knit for the afghan.

Next week we meet at Sharon’s house but Toni will be at Stitches, lucky girl, and Jane is meeting friends in Southern California.

What a great way to spend a few hours a week knitting with a group of wonderful ladies all we a common interest.


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