Hanne Falkenberg

What a delight it is to have the Hanne Falkenberg trunk show in the store. We all enjoy trying the models on and deciding which new one to buy…. The last day the show is at Filati is tomorrow February 17th and the hours are between 10am and when we close at 5pm.

Janice, Alice and I have all managed to have coughs and colds recently. Judy was the only one this time who escaped the germs so thankfully she was able to work some extra days when we were all staying home to recover. We are all sick and tired of being sick and tired!

We are half way through the month of February so preparations are now under way for our March sale. In January we always think we have a couple of months to set up the sale area, and then suddenly February is upon us and then in the blink of an eye March is closer than we think.

Just two workshops are left for this season. On March 3rd Pat Clark is coming to teach a class for a beaded hat in the morning. Then in the afternoon Pat is teaching mitered knitting a technique that seems to be gaining in popularity this year. The very first workshop I did at Filati was mitered knitting and I really did enjoy both the atmosphere at the store and of course the wonderful class too.

Well I am going to have some dinner and then spend the evening casting on 345 stitches on size US2 needles for an Alice Starmore sweater called Cape Cod.

Happy knitting