new baby yarn

I have been busy with various projects as usual, but have started a little jacket in a new yarn called P J’s by Knit One Crochet Too. The yarn is like stips of flannel material and knits up really fast and looks lovely. I am looking forward to seeing the jacket completed with the fun bottons I have chosen from the store this week. Alan needed a hat to wear on his walk to work each day, so last week I made him a beany out of one ball of Rowan Big Wool. I had made them for my nephew, his Mum, and a little friend of mine called Kameela last year and knew they didn’t take too long to make. It ended up taking 1 hour and fifty minutes to make Alan’s so he had one for the Monday morning walk to work when the temperature was around 30F.

Over the weekend I went “Shopping” in my walk in closet and found some Jaeger Extra Fine Merino DK which I knew I had put aside for something. About 6 years ago my parents came to visit us here in Folsom and on their return trip to Australia one of their suitcases when missing. It has never turned up which was heartbreaking especially as there were several handknitted sweaters in there which I had made for both Mum and Dad. I have decided to use the Jaeger yarn to make the same Alice Starmore sweater that I had made for Mum before and would like to TRY and get that made for her before they visit here again in May. Or maybe I should make it and mail it to her this time…. I bought some yarn while in Adelaide which I hope will arrive shortly, I had it mailed instead of carrying it, and this yarn is to make my Dad a sweater too. He keeps saying he doesn’t need another sweater but he loved the vest I made for his 80th birthday so I know he really enjoys receiving new sweaters regardless of what he says. Actually Alan is exactly the same but I love to knit for him too.

The workshops at Filati are coming to an end for this year. We have another finishing class, a sock class, beaded hat class and a mitered knitting class the last two are in March and then it’s over for another year. We have had some requests for workshops in the Summer so perhaps if enough people call the store or email Janice we might just be able to arrange some for you. Of course the beginner knitting classes are Saturday’s and Wednesday evenings and the crochet classes also on Wednesday evenings are always on going. All you need to do is call the store and reserve a spot in the class, just remember to give us a little warning if you want to do the crochet classes as we have to get in touch with the teacher in plently of time.

And of course we are always pleased to see our friends come in and knit on Saturdays during the day or Wednesday evenings when the store is open until 8pm. I know the dark evenings make you want to stay in by the heater, but it is nice to have our tables full of friendly faces sharing their knitting and chatting too.

Happy knitting week