Counting rows

Well another week has gone by oh so quickly. I had a day off from the shop on Tuesday and used the time to organise my work area, as my ‘stuff’ was beginning to get out of hand. I have continued to work on my Alice Starmore sweater and have just a couple more inches to knit on the front before I start to shape the neck line.

Because it is so easy to measure knitting incorrectly or to put it in a different way, each time a piece is measured it is a ‘different’ length I always keep track of each row I knit which I think is a very accurate method of making sure pieces are exactly the same length. Not only is writing down each row knitted a good way of making the back and front the same length, or that both sleeves are identical, most importantly, you ALWAYS know what row in a pattern you are about to knit. I can not imagine knitting lace or sweaters with Aran patterns without keeping track of each row as I knit them. There can be nothing worse than putting knitting down for a while, hours, days or even weeks and then going back to it unsure of which part of the pattern comes next. As I start each new project I head the page of my trusty notebook with the pattern name/number, size I am going to knit, needles I knitted an accurate swatch on and yarn I am using. Then as I start each part of a sweater for example I write, back, front, sleeves, neck etc. and again I always know what is happening with each piece.

Alan and I have friends in Seattle who are expecting a son in late February which is very exciting. When their daughter Bliss was born three years ago I didn’t knit for them as we purchased things from the baby register. This time however I decided to knit a few things after I bought a baby blanket kit when we had a fund raiser in September at the store for Knit for her cure. I started the blanket last night and as it is chunky yarn on larger needles it won’t take long to complete. Naturally I have purchased more yarn to make some Aran sweaters for him and am eager to do those as quickly as possible. So a busy time ahead knitting smaller things for a change.

Have a great week