Promise kept so far

Good morning one and all,

Well so far I have kept to my word and have continued knitting my Alice Starmore sweater. I really do enjoy fingering weight knitting so it is not a chore doing it, I just want to start new projects now.

Chester and Lester had been very good and quiet trustworthy around my yarn until someone sent me some furry skeins recently. I put the yarn in a sweater bag and one of them, Chester, ripped the plastic and took off with a skein running through the house with his prize. I rescued it from him, and him from the danger, and put the skeins in a new sweater bag which is now on a very high shelf in the study/sewing room. As they have got older and bolder they are testing the water and things that have not been of interest are suddenly very inviting. We feel like we have two teenagers in the house!!!

This week I am not working on Monday at the dental office, and I am also having a day off from Filati on Tuesday. So three days home in a row will feel like a mini vacation. Of course some things have to be done, housework and shopping, but I intend to catch up on some correspondence and also spend some time in my two favourite fabric stores. As most of my friends know as well as my love for knitting I am also a beginner quilter and since working at Filati full time for almost two years I have done absolutely no quilting at home. During 2005 I did take three classes, two at Tayo’s and one through the Folsom Quilting Guild which were all fun, but I have not completed any of the projects started in the classes. I would like to tackle the UFO’s in my fabric stash during this year and have a completed quilt on our bed which would be nice.

Have a super week