Progress is being made

I have had a busy few days doing my job. This evening I managed to find some time to do some knitting on my husband’s vest.

The yarn is knitting up nicely and I will use the Cascade 220 again in the future. I am on the second skein now and the piece measures 7.5 inches long about half way to the arm holes. For the size I am knitting the suggestion is 15.5 inches knitted and then start to  make the armholes.

7.5 inches knitted
7.5 inches knitted

I took the vest on Sunday when I met Kathie for lunch and then we sat and chatted with our knitting in Borders as usual. It was nice for a change not to have to keep track of the rows or follow a pattern.

Saturday is the Lace Guild Meeting and I am almost tempted to take this with me so once again I can knit and chat.

When I attached the second skein I noticed to my horror that I have three skeins of one dye lot and two skeins in a second dye lot. That must be why they had been sold at 50% off in the sale! Have had the piece under two Ott Lamps and out in daylight and I can not see any difference in the two skeins I have joined together. Will keep my fingers crossed that as I progress up the body the different dye lots won’t suddenly jump out at me.