A Stitch In Time

I was very lucky to get the book A Stitch in Time by Jane Waller and Susan Crawford for Christmas. We had to order it directly from a company in the UK as it was not available anywhere in America. The original edition we found through one business in the UK was being sold for 215 pounds so we decided that a newer version with apparently less patterns was good enough for 29.99 pounds.

The book is very well presented with the ‘original’ pattern from each era reprinted with the updated 2008 version of the knitting pattern. So many of the really old patterns only came in one size – usually tiny – and in this book they have added several sizes and modern yarns. I like that they have put the yardage/meters on the yarns they have used because I can then use a substitute when I go through my stash of yarn.

All the photos are very nice and the patterns can easily be seen in the yarns they have knitted them in.  Many times companies will do a stunning design, then use gorgeous yarns only to do the sample in navy blue or black which makes it very difficult to see the design in the photographs.

Every pattern in the book needs to be knitted as far as I am concerned. So many choices that I am going to keep reading the book for another week or so and then make a decision after I have completed Alan’s sweater.

The blog has not been kept up to date because I had been having problems with eye sight. This had to be addressed and finally after a few tears I had cataract surgery on my left eye. The surgery was December 10th and now with corrective lenses I have 20/20 vision in my left eye. My eyes will be retested January 15th and will then have new glasses made which hopefully will allow me to drive again and also use the computer comfortably with no glare.