Keep The Fleece

I found an interesting website recently called www.keepthefleece.orgĀ  The site is owned by Wild Fibers Magazine and it is all about fund raising to buy the world’s largest fiber flock.

“In celebration of the United Nations International Year of Natural Fibers 2009 we hope to raise 250K in partnership with Heifer International to build the largest fiber flock in the world”

How they are planning to do this is by fund raising via making the worlds longest scarf. I was at Stitches West 2009 when I was approached at the Wild Fibers booth to pay a fee of $1 to knit a row at the very beginning of their scarf. I paid my $1 and was handed needles with one row knitted and I did the second row. It was very exciting as the yarn was yak and to be at the beginning of the scarf was delightful.

The website has been set up with a great discussion going on now about natural fibers be they from an animal or plant. You can sign up right now and make the conversations as interesting as possible.

Perhaps you have a guild or group of knitters who could take up the challenge to start a scarf raise some money in the process and be part of this great idea.

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