Love Sundays

Met up with Alice, Kathie, Teresa, Vinny and Diane today at Borders for the usual coffee, knitting and chatting. I missed lunch because of a phone call but still had time to make it to the book shop anyway.

I am knitting the second scarf from the 13 mile yarn company yarn in Montana.  Completed the first one on Friday evening so that was good. I used a free sampler pattern from Lion Brand and it was a very easy pattern. The yarn is not particularly soft but once washed and blocked I know it will be great for a man.

The second one is from a pattern out of the magazine Creative Knitting from sometime in 2007. Very heavily cabled but also quite easy to knit once the first complete pattern has been done. Doing this on size US#8 needles and the yarn I think because it has been dyed is slightly softer than the natural colour.

Yesterday the correct graph arrived from Rowan in England for the Wetherby Sweater out of A Yorkshire Fable book. I was thrilled they have  sent me an original correction because Westminster Fibers on the east coast had only sent me a very poor photo copy. Was amazed at just how much was wrong with the graph in the book. I did one complete set of rows for the pattern which is about 28 rows and it looks very nice. Thank goodness I had saved the grey Magpie yarn to knit the sweater as it cables beautifully. Have almost reached the end of my Magpie yarn secret stash now.

Bye for now


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