Thursday knitting with the Ladies

What a lovely way to spend Thursday mornings, snuggled up under Toni’s roof with Sharon, Sharon, Sherron, Nancy, Jane and Mary. Not only is the company delightful so is the coffee and morning tea.

Toni had talked about teaching us the Moebius cast on which she had learned at Stitches by taking a class with Cat Bordhi. So this is what she focused on today. One Sharon had to leave early for an appointment but Toni had everyone else, except me, practice the cast on at least once.

I decided that I would have a little practice during the week on my own. When I got home I found a” You tube”  video of Cat showing the Moebius cast on in quite good detail. I have saved that as a favourite and will go back to it when I have an opportunity later in the week. I shall also check my stash to find something I can knit with and must also check for a long circular needle too.

After much discussion about a field trip to Sonora we have decided on April 2nd for a class with Pat Clark. At the moment Toni and I plan to get Pat to teach us both entrelac which is something we are very keen to learn. I mentioned to everyone else the type of classes Pat can teach and I think the beaded hat is the class they are all interested in. I have looked at the website again for the shop class list and will print that out to show them the other choices they have.

I have got so many things on needles at the moment and also in the state of not sewn up that I am feeling a little guilty about that at the moment. I also noticed a large sweater bag FULL of scarves and shawels that need to be blocked so that is another little job that has to be taken care off.

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