Knitting with difficulty

Sometimes, knitting is easy. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult. It was one of “those” days, but not because it was a complex pattern, not because of an error in the pattern. No, this time, it was a massive weight on my arm.

The sweater I have on is a design by Jamieson called Kilt Turtleneck. It is book #1 Jamieson Shetland Knitting. I used some discontinued Rowan Magpie to knit the small size and really love the way the yarn shows off the pattern.

I am knitting a small vest. The pattern is in the latest issue of Cast On. I already had the Red Heart sock yarn they used and in fact had the same colour. So the socks I planned to knit with the yarn will have to wait until I complete the vest.

Lester helping me knit

Lester helping me knit

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