Plymouth jacket progress

Yes… I got the second sleeve completed this evening. And I cast on and knit just one row of rib on the right front. I will do the rib over the next day or two. I want to knit the lace leaf pattern at the Lace Guild meeting on Saturday as it is a very easy pattern to knit and talk at the same time. I haven’t seen Lew since January’s meeting so can’t wait to catch up on all of his news.

I had coffee with my friend Susan today to give her her birthday present two weeks late. She had been busy and we just could not connect until today. One of her twin sons is getting married in September so I as keen to hear all of the wedding plans.

This is evening was the Folsom Quilt Guild monthly meeting and Sally Collins was the guest speaker. It was a great meeting and she really is an interesting quilter. I have signed up with Collen and Janeen for the Kids For Quilts day in March. I did it about five years ago with those two and we had such a great three hours of sewing blocks for the kids. I think Alan may video a short segment for us this year.

Gosh the days seem to fly by. All of a sudden it is nearly midnight again.

Sally From a wet, thank goodness, Folsom

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