I am so happy to have completed the second half of my aran sweater front. It is now quite late 10.15pm so I will not begin a sleeve this evening.

Just had an email from a friend on Ravelry mentioning classes on Monday evenings in Folsom. I want to make a jacket in entralac so this might be the perfect reason to take a class if this person can teach that skill. I have had the pattern for about 28 years and still like it very much indeed. I purchased Anny Blatt angora and Plymouth baby alpaca dk to make the jacket about eighteen months ago. Looks like this project could finally get underway at long last.

Had a very pleasant time at the Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild Show this morning. I helped out on the information desk from 9.45am til noon and will do again on Sunday morning. Gives me an opportunity to look at the quilts again and of course browse the lovely vendor stalls too. There are some truly amazing quilts entered in the show this year so it will be worth spending some time there tomorrow which is the last day.

Talked to some friends this evening in a town called Yea in Victoria Australia. Frank and Faye are only about 6kms from some of the worst bushfires in that state. They are on high alert to be evacuated, however the residents of nearby towns have all been sent to Yea so with 400 fire fighters surrounding the town they have their fingers crossed that they will all be safe. 26 years ago I was in Adelaide when we had the most horrific bushfires that I can remember. I came out of an ice skating rink at about 11pm to see what looked liked the whole of the Adelaide Hills on fire the sky was so brightly lit up. It was horrible and the fires seemed to go on for days. The loss of life and property was dreadful and it became known as Ash Wednesday in both Adelaide, South Australia and Victoria where the fires spread to during those days.

On a cheerful note have a great Sunday

Sally in Folsom

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