Sunday lunch with the girls

I love meeting my knitting friends for lunch on Sundays. Nothing is more relaxing then spending a¬†while of over lunch¬†catching up on everyone’s news or gossip depending how it sounds to people listening in! From the restaurant we head to a local book store hoping to find a table where we can sit and knit with coffee in hand for a couple of hours.

Interestingly we all take a small project to knit. Something that we do not have to concentrate on so that we can chat and laugh together instead. Last week I took a sock as I am getting more confident about knitting those and talking at the same time.

This week I am going to take a sleeve to knit for a cardigan I just started. The back and two sleeves are just stocking stitch so apart from keeping track of the rows it is pretty mindless knitting. I have completed the back and am half way up the first sleeve.

Well had better pack my knitting bag for my lunch time outing.

Have a great day

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