Hydrangea Lace Scarf

What a beautiful pattern

hydrangea shawlThe project is completed. I hit a stumbling block on Sunday morning……. I did something I frequently tell new knitters not to do and that is continue knitting when too tired to really concentrate on Saturday night.

When I started work on the scarf on Sunday I had to unknit about 5 rows because I had a “loop” sort of hanging and absolutely no idea where it had come from or how I had actually made the mess. So by about 8pm I had finished the 7 repeats and on Monday morning was able to complete the last little piece of the scarf and cast off.

hydrangea shawl (2)Interestingly the beginning is different to the ending of the scarf with two rows less done at the end because you omit the set up rows. This means that the beginning end has a little wave to it, and the end goes straight across. Not sure if Eugene meant that to happen or whether it is an error.

None the less the scarf will be blocked in the next week or so. I have made this as a gift however the Suri Alpaca is so delicious if I didn’t have more in my stash I might be tempted to keep this for myself
hydrangea shawl (3)