Resting comfortably

Good morning,

Well I did all the shops in the first Sacramento area Yarn Shop Hop and it has taken me a couple of days to recover. I was lucky enough to have a few days off from work so that gave me the opportunity to spread the stores over three of the four days. Actually it was four days because I worked at Filati all day on Thursday which was the first day of the shop hop. I finally turned my passport in on Sunday around lunch time at Cameron Park and then relaxed.

It was nice to see all the stores in this area carrying a wide variety of yarns and also supplies for other crafts as well. Now when we get calls at the store for non knitting supplies we know which names to give out instead of just the box stores like Beverleys and Michaels!!! I always support the speciality stores first no matter what I might be looking to purchase. This was a great opportunity to get all the information needed to keep the clients within the small business network.

I did use this shopping time to buy of course. My goal was to purchase a” Christmas gift” to knit in each of the 12 stores and yes I certainly achieved that very easily. I will of course need all the time between now and December 1st to get all the gifts completed for overseas friends and family members.

Just before leaving Cameron Park on Sunday I called in at a Quilt store to satisfy my other hobby needs. As I made my purchase I was handed a flyer for a Quilt Shop Hop in October. Although I might not have the time to do that one is was nice to see it advertised so far in advance.