The sale is over

Good morning,
The Filati Spring sale is finally over and now we can look forward to all the new patterns and yarn arriving for both Spring and Summer. We were disappointed with the Rocklin post office who had certainly failed to deliver the sale flyers by first class mail. Speaking to many of our regular customers it was easy to see just how many flyers had failed to arrive in time and some like me and others in Folsom have not received them at all. Of course this could have been compounded by the usual problems that many have with the Folsom post office mail delivery!!

Janice finished and blocked my Blossom cardigan from the Rowan book 17 so I was able to wear that in the store on Saturday. I absolutely love the cardigan and am thrilled that after admiring the pattern for so long it is finally mine. That was the last project for me to be completed and I am now doing the cotton sweater for Alan which is turning out very nice indeed. I bought quite a lot of yarn in the sale of course, mainly Rowan cotton, and have enough for a sweater for Alan and probably enough for two ladies sweaters as well. Now whether they will be for me or for sale remains to be seen. I have so many projects that I would like to make, but if I finished them all firstly I would probably never have time to wear them all, and secondly we would need more cupboard space just for all the sweaters.

The new Knitters and Vogue magazines have been delivered to the store and I have received my copies at home. Both magazines are very very disappointing again and it is becoming harder to justify a subscription renewal each time that time comes around. Even the magazine Cast On has become overly trendy which was a bitter disappointment to me, as the older copies I have are so nice. So far Interweave Knitting magazine seems to be the only one continuing to cater for experienced knitters who don’t bare their middles and prefer to knit on needles and not tree trunks. When I talk to knitters in the store they all say the same about the magazines and books currently being printed and we all seem to go back to old Rowan magazines, Alice Starmore books and cherished vintage Vogue knitting magazines. Even Rowan which is a company I adore has produced little recently that I have to knit, and in fact I have not bought the magazines since #32 prefering instead to purchase the Jamieson books instead.

Well on that note I shall go and do our grocery shopping as we have to eat and then get some more of Alan’s sweater knitted this afternoon.

Enjoy the last week of March