Cool weather at last

What a great week we have had with the temperatures finally cooling down. I know we can still have some days over 95F however the cool evenings have been a delight.

My mental lists of what I want and have to knit before Christmas continues to grow. I have several things to knit for the store and have three on needles already. I am hoping to knit a Rowan Botany 4ply vest for an old school friend in the UK as a Christmas gift and of course have ideas about a sweater for Alan……. I did manage to knit a short sleeve cotton sweater for my Mum and as it will be Summer at Christmas time her present is just waiting to be wrapped and mailed.

The Fall yarns continue to arrive at the shop and it is like being in a candy store. Each box that arrives is unpacked and gushed over before we all think about what we could knit if only we had 48 hours in each day! I am not used to spending so much time on my knees each day, but at least I get to handle all the new yarns as we display it all throughout the store.

Our cancer fund raiser is being held on September 24th from 10am until we close at 5pm. Last year was fun, this year with more time to prepare and more people being involved with the preperations I know it will be an even better day.