Busy fingers

Well it is another new year, and I hope it is a happy and safe one for all.

My curious creek shawl is finished and presently being blocked. I started Alan’s afghan, but still the Furlauro poncho is calling my name and I know I have to get that done for the store. Actually I am feeling a little smug because I have finally caught up with all the knitting that had been on needles for so long. It is nice to be wearing all the sweaters instead of just moving bags with the pieces tucked inside.

Yesterday I went through all my magazines and have a couple of piles to give to friends and neighbours. It really is amazing just how fast these accumulate and how they suddenly become a nuisance.

We are still trying to cope with the loss of our female Maine Coon kitten, Matilda, on Christmas Eve and I am sure Chester is missing her too. The breeder is going to give us a new female just as soon as we are ready for that although it won’t be quite the same of course….