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Today, Alan decided to add my blog’s RSS feed to his myYahoo account. Now he can see what I say every time I write in my blog and he’s using his yahoo account!


I haven’t knitted more than a hundred rows this week. The kittens seem to be taking up a lot of time!

In the shop, lots of knitters are preparing for Christmas by stocking up on the sale yarn and buying new patterns. It looks like more people will be getting personalized, handmade gifts this year.

You can check out the great Sale Yarn at Filati Fine Yarn.

We’ve had a good week, even though its been a bit cooler and wetter than usual. I’ve been able to help lots of people fix up their knitting problems. The worst part of that is when I have to unpick 10 rows for them, so they can fix up a problem.

I’m so used to unpicking that it is as easy as knitting, but there is an art to it. You really have to be a good technician. Of course, the hardest part is seeing their faces when I undo hours of work, but its always worth if when the finished product comes out perfect.