Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf

I purchased this pattern at Stitches West 2011 from a booth that would not let me buy just the pattern unfortunately. As we only had a week left before moving to Australia they had me over a barrel so to speak and I had to buy the pattern and three skeins of Claudia Handpainted Yarn – as they had no Koigu my “yarn drug” of choice.
The Claudia yarn actually ended up being packed and is now somewhere on the Pacific Ocean on its way to Port Adelaide. So I decided to pack the pattern and also a bag of odds and ends of sock yarns.

Knitted from all my leftover sock yarn
Knitted from all my leftover sock yarn

My scarf is made from left over sock yarn from many pairs of socks that either I have made or my dear friend Alice has made for me or my husband Alan.
Along with all of my stash and the Claudia Handpainted Yarns are my blocking cables and blocking board so for the moment the scarf is just off the needles. And as the weather here is still very mild for early Fall I haven’t had the need to wear it or decide who may receive it as a gift.
A beautiful pattern but the next time I knit this I will not be doing a fringe, it looks lovely, but I have never been one for fringes on scarves.