Progress on Alan’s vest

Life has certainly been a little busy here recently. On Sunday I found out that a good girl friend in England is going to be a grand mother which is very exciting. I offered to make a baby blanket which they are very pleased about. And Monday morning bright and early I found a pattern in my stash however will have to purchase some yarn.  Of course I will also make some red cashmere booties as every new baby should have their toes dressed in luxury! And funnily enough I have some Royal Cashmere by Plymouth left over from a sweater I made myself last year.  And I also have a free with the Royal Cashmere yarn a pattern for baby booties….

I missed the lace guild meeting on Saturday as I was just too busy with things I needed to do around the house including the washing etc. We only meet once a month so the next meeting is the second Saturday in October.

IMG_9866I did however meet Kathie and Theresa on Sunday for lunch and knitting and made very good progress on Alan’s vest. I finally decided to knit 15 inches instead of 15 1/2 inches as the finished garment seemed awfully long.  Since then I have cast off for the armholes and put the front stitches on some spare yarn. I am now working on just the stitches for the back. Decided to alter the decreasing slightly on the armhole edge as the pattern said decrease at the beginning and end of every other row by ssk knit across and k2tog. I prefer the decreasing away from the edge as it makes for a nicer shaping and also makes picking up the stitches for the armband easier. So I am knitting 2 stitches then ssk knit to last four stitches k2tog and then knit the the last 2 stitches. Making the change hardly shows as the yarn is so dark, but I like the line it gives to the armhole decreasing as it is slightly smarter.

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