Basic vest for men

I  recently discovered five skeins of Cascade 220 yarn in my stash in a black and navy combination. Why did I buy it,  because the name of the colour was something like Australian nights,  and of course it looked nice.

What can I do with 1100 yards of Cascade 220? In a colour that is smart but not a colour I would wear. Thank goodness I have a husband who thoroughly enjoys wearing hand made sweaters. Of course living in California he will often say I don’t need anymore sweaters in this climate.

Cascade 220 colour 9409
Cascade 220 colour 9409

The solution is a Knitting Pure and Simple pattern #215 for a basic vest for men. It will be the first garment I have made for him from these patterns, although I have used  several Knitting Pure and Simple patterns for myself. The vest will be a nice garment for in between seasons so I know he will get a lot of wear out of it here in California.

The size I will knit is finished measurement 43 inches which is the medium size and I need 1,060yards of yarn so have just enough Cascade 220. I need to do a swatch and have 20 stitches to 4 inches and the recommended needle size on the yarn label is a number 7.

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