Plymouth N047

I am knitting the right front of this gorgeous little cardigan as I mentioned before and have just reached the armhole shaping.

What has surprised me is the instructions for the right front. It tells you in detail to do the rib and then change to larger needles and proceed as follows setting up the front with the correct stitiches either side of the lace panel. Then it goes on to say work from and to as given for the left front. What it doesn’t say is “reverse the shaping”. Obviously to anyone experienced this is not going to be a problem, is it? However to the countless newer knitters I helped at the yarn store there is a problem with that simple sentence.

What I found with newer knitters going from scarves and hats to their first sweater the pattern had to be full of detail and most importantly correct. The number of knitters that would just give up when they encountered a mistake, or poor instructions was so disappointing.

The other thing I have just noticed with the pattern is a typing error. On row 7 of the lace panel it says sip K2tog instead of slp K2tog. And then in the abbreviations it does not mention that slp means slip one nor does it say psso is pass slip stitch over or ssk is slip slip knit. Actually the more I read of the lace pattern and look at the abbreviations I realise that yf, yrn are also not explained either.

I still think this is an easy pattern for a new knitter wanting to go onto a garment and incorporate lace. However I would recommend that Plymouth include explanations for all the abbreviations they use in their patterns.

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