It’s almost midnight

Well I began the second sleeve on the plymouth cardigan this morning. I wanted something to knit just in stocking stitich today.

The bushfires in Victoria Australia have been on my mind all day. We have friends in a town called Yea which is currently surrounded by 400 firefighters. And now another town called Beechworth is also threatened with being evacuated. The parents of one of my girlfriends live in that town so I have been reading the Australian Newspapers on and off all day looking to see the fires progress.

It was the last day of the Folsom Quilt Show and it was very successful. Rain had been promised and there were certainly some dark clouds around lunch time. But then the clouds moved out of our area and the daylight hours remained dry.

This evening I completed the increasing for the sleeve and I will probably have that completed by Tuesday. I want to begin the right lace front so that I can knit at the Lace Guild meeting on Saturday February 14th which is held at Filati Yarn store in Rocklin.

Have a great week

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