A day on Ravelry

Well what a day. Apart from knitting for about an hour this morning on my blue aran cotton sweater I have been busy with other things all day.

I had to do some ironing and was pleased to get that all done this morning. Then of course it was time to do a little bit of housework.

But the main thing I have done is list all my books, knitting patterns and knitting magazines on Raverly. What a job. I knew I had a lot of books but once you start looking through the book cases I realised just how many I have collected. I have some that are not listed in the Raverly library so NOT all of mine are on the website. Same goes for a lot of the Rowan magazines etc.etc.

I might tackle the needle stash, however I will not put my yarn stash on there because there is far too much.

I am looking forward to the knitting group tomorrow. Toni has asked me to explain guage/tension. I am taking two Sally Melville books with me as I think her explanation is quite good. Be interesting to see what happens.

Bye for now

Sally in Folsom

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