Too late to be thinking about the blog!

All of a sudden it is time for bed and I realised I had not put anything on this page today.

I did about 6 rows of knitting on the Aran sweater this morning but then had to do housework and work. So….

I wrote my first book review today for a book called Knit1 For the Road. If you look on our newspaper and go to books on the left hand side of the front page click on that and my review is on there. For the Folsom Toni group I wil bring a copy of the book on Thursday for you to have a look at and see what you think of it.

The other thing I wanted to finally write up was a story Alan and I had written about 18 months ago about California Cashmere. Again the full story is on this time under top stories so if you are interested you can read it there. I had been looking for luxury yarn which is my prefered yarn to knit with when I found the site

You can actually arrange for a tour and lecture about the business. Seeing the goats and obviously touching and feeling the cashmere in skeins, on cones or as roving was a nice experience. It was a fabulous day trip to Calaveras County and one we have discussed doing again when the “kids” are available to admire and I need more cashmere. The day we visited I purchased a cone of cashmere and that is about 3200 yards more than enough to do the shawl I want to knit out of the book Folk Shawls.

If you can not make a trip to the farm they will be at Stitches West at the end of February for four days. If you look at the article on NewsBlaze there is a great link to Forbes magazine to an article they did on the farm.

This evening, after sitting at the computer for such a long time today, I did get a break and knit about 10 rows on the aran sweater. So that was very relaxing just before bed.

Two books came via UPS this evening so I am looking forward to having a look through them tomorrow.

Have a good time knitting where ever you may be
Sally in Folsom CA

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