Busy day

It has been a busy day with lots of having to be done for work. I had planned to do some of the pretty jacket but instead decided to attend to a UFO!

I have been knitting an afghan for a couple of years and I am really disliking every moment of it. First of all it is on size US 17 needles which are not my favourite size needles at all, lets try anything from US7 and smaller. It is also going to be 45 in wide by 60 in long so rather large in size and of course heavy as I use more and more yarn.

Alan asked me this evening what it was, and who it was for… I told him it was his afghan and he then asked if he would get it this winter. There are five balls of yarn to knit, and it is being knitted double so if I concentrate on this he may get it before the end of this winter. This will be the first and only afghan I ever knit with size US17 needles and double worcested weight yarn.

Good night from Folsom

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