Another Monday

I wonder why the weekend has the two shortest days in the week?

Had a lovely time with my knitting friends yesterday covering all sorts of topics at lunch.  The Obama’s were discussed at great length focusing mainly it seems on their fashion sense! Then it was off to the important stuff browsing the new knitting magazines, having coffee and knitting for about two hours.  Two ladies were knitting hats, two were doing scarves and two of us were doing jackets.

I came home and decided to attempt to complete the first sleeve of the cardigan I am doing. By 7pm the sleeve was done and I started the left front. Providing the lace pattern on the front works I will share the pattern and yarn with you later. It is a Plymouth pattern and the last two Plymouth patterns I have knit have been completely full of errors.

Some ladies I know have a knitting group which meets in Folsom during the day. I think it might be fun to catch up with them this week and see what they are knitting at the moment.

Stitches West is not too far away now.  I was not able to go last year because working in the yarn store meant no time off for fun things during the week. This year I think I will try and go on the Friday as weekends are far too crowded when going for just one day. Will see if one of my knitting friends would like to share the price of gas with me and if not I will take my husband along for company.

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