Guilt feeling has passed!

Hi everyone,

I am so proud of myself. Nothing like bragging is there… Janice finished and blocked three baby sweaters for me, and also did the same with three sweaters for me. One of them was knitted in a yarn by Cleckheaton called Rapid Ribbon and Mohair, long discontinued I would imagine as I bought it in Canberra in about 1995. Another was done in Eva by Adrienne Vittadini, again discontinued, but it looks fabulous knitted up in a Capelet designed by Norah Gaughan. The third project was also a yarn by Adrienne Vittadini this one is called Dianna and I completed a top down henley by Knitting Pure and Simple. What a feeling of contentment to have all those projects completed at long last. Now I am about to knit the second sleeve on a jacket project for Janice and all my half finished sweater projects will at long last be completed. I do have some scarves and shawls on needles but they are ‘newer’ UFO’s. Oh I also completed the little Deco ribbon bolero and it is gorgeous. I made it in the lurex stardust line and it really would make a wonderful evening bolero for over the holiday season.

Tomorrow we have a felted bag workshop which should be a wonderful class. Betsy is the teacher and it is one of her designs that the ladies will be making. Betsy is our class teacher on Wednesday evenings and I know her classes are always fun. The following Saturday October 28th Janice is holding her first finishing and blocking class for the fall workshop schedule. Last year we only planned two classes for her, but the response was so overwhelming that we quickly had to reschedule two more . So far two of her four classes are full and the other two in the New Year should fill in the weeks ahead.

I am just looking at the stash of yarn I have in full view of my desk…… Now I have six projects completed I can think about my next ‘shoppong spree’ from the stash this time. The other Australian yarns are nagging me to become sweaters now they have seen the Cleckheaton yarn knitted up and that the sweater has moved into my wardrobe. This weekend I will spend some time going through patterns and books to find something special for two bags of yarn I know I have had since about 1992.

Well I need a cup of tea and a cuddle with Chester and Lester this evening.