All completed

Hello again,

What a week it has been at Filati’s with such a succesful sale. It was lovely having areas of “yarn on sale surprises” as well as the usual dedicated area at the back of the store. Naturally I found a couple of bargains, but there are a lot of good selections still available. The sale is being extended throughout this week so we will be busy again each day I am sure. Of course I might find some more tempting selections too.

I have finally completed all of the projects on needles for myself. I have also competed the blanket for baby Fisher and have knitted him two sweaters which have to be sewn up and then I can get the package in the mail for him. I am currently knitting a sweater for Alan out of an Annabel Fox yarn called Oasis. Last year I started a Patons pattern for him, and suddenly realised that the finished measurement of 54inches was FAR too large…. So I have chosen a different pattern this one by a company called Panda and this one has a finished measurement of about 43 inches. Poor Alan I gave him two packages of yarn and patterns for Christmas and so far haven’t had time to start either of those for him.

This Summer I would like to make some more shawls out of the Folk Shawl book as I think they would make nice gifts for Christmas. The first lace shawl I tackled was out of that book and I thought the instructions were very good. Thankfully I do have Alice at the store for lace help and when Lew comes into the store he always inspires me and gives me much needed support. I do have a shawl on needles at the moment and that pattern is out of the Knitters magazine, Shawl Book so that will be the next “me” project to complete.

It is the first day of Spring in North America but you wouldn’t know that by looking out of the window. It is very bleak with strong winds and rain pouring down the sliding door upstairs at the front of the house. We had such a nice day yesterday and Alan managed to mow the new lawns thankfully before the rain started again this week.

Chat soon