Donating yarns

After about my fourth attempt at the beginner level of learning to crochet, I have decided the hobby is not for me!

When we first moved to California and I was a lady of leisure I did yet another beginner class, and actually completed two afghans. But over time the practice yarn has slowly moved on to the floor area of our study and knitting instead has consumed most of my time.

I wound all the practice yarn up last week put it in clean plastic bags and tomorrow will donate it all to a lady who knits blankets for the needy people of the greater Sacramento area.

One little note. We became the ‘proud’ owners or maybe slaves is the correct word to two Maine Coon kittens this past weekend. Chester was born August 1st, and Matilda was born August 27th and right now they are fast asleep and I have some time to write this.


My yarn winder is a dream

Today, I got out 18 skeins of Rowan Rowanspun 4ply.

It feels so nice in the skein that its a shame to do anything with it. But it was time! so I put it on my Royal windmill winder and 45 minutes later, I had 18 balls of wool ready to go. Now that its in balls, its beautiful too. Its amazing that this yarn can morph into so many beautiful things. I am now going to spend a while thinking about what to use it for.

I always pack my yarn in plastic zip-up bags, just in case there’s something evil around that want to have a snack on them. Its cheap insurance! And once I knit something and the bag is empty, I can buy more yarn and fill it up again.

Hairy poncho like a caterpillar

Ponchos are now a ‘new’ fashion item!

I am knitting my 7th to be used as a model. We now have a large folder just for poncho patterns as so many people are requesting them.

This latest pattern is in Furlauro yarn and it is extremely soft when knitted up. It would actually make lovely scarves too which so many new knitters are happy to start with.

So far, this one looks like a hairy caterpillar, with 35 rows done – 12 of them this morning.

Six new knitters registered for classes this evening, and the Wednesday night ‘regulars’ are now spreading onto both tables. Its really a great get-together, everyone sharing ideas and ‘yarns’.

Born to Knit

I’ve worked almost all my life and I’ve even liked most of my jobs. I’ve been knitting since I was 5 years old, so when I got the chance to work at Filati Fine Yarn in Rocklin, California, It took me less than a millisecond to say YES!

Working at Filati sometimes takes a lot of effort, but it’s not like working, really. For a dyed-in-the-wool knitter, being in a 2400 square foot room full of yarn is a dream come true.

Sometimes, I want to pinch myself so I know I am really there.

My husband is happy I’m loving it, but he thinks I should bring home more money and less yarn. But what knitter could resist buying fabulous yarn as it arrives.

Janice has even tried to slow me down by asking me to knit scarves and shawls for display. I’ve knitted many in the past few months.

Alan keeps telling people I have bionic arms, but I’m not telling – its my secret.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog. I was born to knit and this is a journal of the things I’ve done, techniques I’ve learned, the wonderful people I work with and meet.

I was born to knit. I hope I can find time to type a little between rows.